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Welcome to my blog!
Here I guess I'll be posting whatever I like~
Maybe my art too!
So stick around yea~

Top Five Fandoms:
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Harry Potter

I am into many fandoms but those are my top five! If you are curious about more just ask me!

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Good start so far I suppose!
Attention All Western Kentucky Homestucks!

I would like to host a meetup sometime, as most here in Kentucky are too far away for me, but I’m having trouble deciding a location!

I was thinking Mammoth Cave National Park. Would this be good or do you have a different location in mind? Open to any and all suggestions! Also if I did host it there, how many would attend? Please do respond and thank you for your time!

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So OMGcon 2014…

I’m going and so excited!! Not exactly sure who I’m cosplaying but I got a general list/idea!

Friday - Jade Harley for sure! And I may switch to God Tier John at some point! I could also be Jake oh the possibilities!!
Saturday - Nepeta for sure! Possibly Karkat or Kankri.
Sunday - Sollux aaaaaall day. Will be with an amazing Aradia~

Can’t wait!!!

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I just hit 300 Followers.
I can’t explain my feels without another CroKri gif.

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a little comic dedicated to a friend

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u big ass nerd stop stressing urself out

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based in these 1/2 cute cosplays!


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they ran out of hair gel

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GG: oh no its fine! i dont mind at all!
GG: hmm… well i have a lot of friends! i dont think i have time to think over them all!!
GG: so how about just my first friends?

GG: okay well…
GG: john is really fun but hes ectobiologically my brother
GG: and rose is smart but she has someone already
GG: dave is really cool and so funny!! he has sweet raps and can be so silly sometimes too!!

GG: so umm… i guess dave would be the one i would pick

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GG: hmmm…
GG: well…
GG: im still a little confused about troll romance!
GG: but
GG: from what ive heard i think pale is more what we are
GG: but then again i do have to split him and himself up sometimes
GG: and i really like it when he smiles for once
GG: but sometimes he makes me so mad i want to smack some sense into him!
GG: hmm… i really dont know
GG: troll romance sure is weird!

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